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Doll Power


Making “witnessing dolls” is a fun ministry activity. The dolls are huggable, and with closed eyes on one side and open eyes on the other, each doll illustrates the transformation from spiritual blindness to sight through faith in Christ. A beaded salvation necklace can be added to explain how to take the steps of faith in Jesus. How could you plan a doll-making event?

Transforming Lives

WorldCraftsSM brings hope to men and women in need, not only physically and financially, but also spiritually.

WMU Vision Fund

Through the WMU® Vision Fund, your gift supports ministry. In fact, the Vision Fund supports every WMU ministry.

Supporting the Ministries

Many of our ministries are supported by funds and/or endowments established through the WMU Foundation or WMU®. If you are interested in giving financially to any of our ministries, please read on to learn how!

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Ministry Support


Ministry Support landing page

For Your Mission Trip


Raising support!

Once costs are accounted for and a budget has been supplied to each team member, the team must begin to raise the necessary financial support.

As a group, the team can be involved in:

  • Service projects such as car washes and service auctions

  • A good way to involve the church is to hold a dinner centered on the ministry location, serving food common to the area and dressing in traditional dress.

Supporting CWJC/CMJC

To date, CWJC®/CMJCSM program expenses have been provided through grants from the WMU Vision Fund.

Getting Involved

Who can adopt a CWJC®/CMJCSM ministry site?
Any individual, family, Women on Mission® group, Sunday School class, ministry group, Acteens®, GA®s, youth group, civic organization, or service club can. In other words, anyone can!



Need extra ideas for missions involvement?

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WMU Blog

“It’s the little things that count!” This familiar saying is one we have all heard many times. We often think only the big gifts, the great acts of kindness, are what count in life, when in reality it’s the little things that give us the most joy. I love a large bouquet of flowers, for instance, but the single bloom presented by a grandchild grinning from ear to ear as he delivers it? Well, that means so much more.

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